This is the Country Club Surf Club Bro-Team. These are our ambassadors that inspire us &         support us. They don't just do it for us but they do it for the whole surfing community.           These are the ones that fuel the stoke!  

Do you think you are Bro-Team worthy? 

Jacob Crouse

Jacob is our "one and only team rider" at the moment.. This kid is a froth monster!! Surfing, skating or dirt bike riding.. Look out for this this grommet, he's gonna snake you, ollie over you then roost you with dirt!! Love the younger gen coming up and Jake is gettin after it!! Just ask Rob Henson

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Rob Henson

Rob Henson is the staff photographer at BSR Surf Resort. Can't say enough about Rob! When you show up, all fired up to s, he will send your stoke level over the top and also get killer shots of you! Book him on your next trip to BSR Surf Resort and you will be stoked! We love Rob and really appreciate how he supports and encourages everyone to be their best! He is the epitome of Bro-Team!

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Brian Fillmore

So Fillmore is the basically the man in Waco. Cheyne's little protégé. From what we hear, when Brian showed up to BSR for his job interview, he had never really surfed before. Pretty much only skated. Cheyne told him to get in the the water to see what he could do. Welp, Fillmore got smoked over and over again. Ha! Well done Brian, look at you now! Also, he is one of the nicest dudes in the world!! 


Full on Bro-Team legend!! 

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Cheyne Magnusson

Couldn't believe it when we got a message from @redtide83 asking "who is doing this brand, where are you from, what's the deal, I want to rep it!" We were blown away. Cheyne is basically the Gerry Lopez of wave pools. What he created with American Wave Pools out in Texas  is amazing! Thank you for stepping up the wave pool game Cheyne! Can't wait till Palm Springs Surf Club is alive! Honored and inspired by what you do!


Solid Fuckin Bro-Team!

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Kalani Robb

Kalani is actually an un-official Bro-Team Sticker-Team Team-Rider. Here's his message to us.

" I have ur sticker on my dirt bike I’m already on the team and get free shit !!! I even gave u guys one of my highlights in my Ig with all my PSSC partners in a car. I was surprised u guys didn’t exploit that shit already🤔😂  slippin!!!
So I’m ur first unofficial team rider, congrats 🎊🎉 u guys rip , keep sticking it to the man🤙 "

   We love Kalani, the eternal grom! 

Bro-Team Sticker-Team!

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Chas Smith

Oh gawd!! Not this guy!! Really! Haha!! Yeah Chas!

So when we had the idea of starting Country Club Surf Club, we tagged Chas in our first initial posts. We were anxious to see what the loudest mouth in surf journalism would have to say. When the reply of approval was received, it was on! Thanks for the spark Chas! Also, thanks for putting Beach Grit together. Fuckin love that shit! Still can't believe you sent us your address so fast, some Hawaiians would pay money for that!

OG Bro-Team Supporter!

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Strider "Rasberry" Wasilewski

was kinda on the "Bro-Team for a bit right when we started. We sent him some gear and he was diggin it. We think he went all "aviator Nation" but we aren't quite sure. We love Strider and God Damn he still gets after it!! He is a next level grommet that will never give it up! Love ya Strider, you are an insipration to us all. Thanks for keeping the stoke alive!  Oh, that post where we replaced you for Ellen, that was epic!! 

Honorary Bro-Team Legend

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Kaipo Guerrero

Hawaii is the "Mecca" of surfing. We all have had childhood dreams of of the the North Shore, West Side and South Shore. Kaipo embodies the spirit of aloha in his voice and stature. If you don't watch him and Rocky Cannon commentate the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, you are absolutely blowing it! It is our favorite contest every year! Yeah, Kaipo still kills it on the WSL , but make sure you tune in to watch the Shootout! Best event year after year!! Good times!!

Thank you for your support Kaipo!

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The official "Kook of the Day", Jonathan Wayne Freeman is also an OG Bro-Team supporter. Not only is Jon one of the funniest guys on instagram, But he is also a really solid dude! His hilarious posts last year during Covid were exactly what we needed to get through the lockdown. 

   Thanks Jon!

OG Bro-Team-Kook

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Brett Sheffer

Yeah Sweffer!!

Brett is life long friend. Not only is he a wave pool finatic, he also is an amazing photographer and surf trip coordinator. He's always on the hunt for the best spots and the best angles. 

Full Bro-Team Bro

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Jonathan Wayne

Josh Billauer

Do you guys remember The "Ocean Spray Fleetwood Mac Skater"? Well, Josh one up'd him by drinking Ocean Spray while getting barreled at the Surf Ranch. This stunt got him all over the media and even ESPN named it a "top 10 moment in surfing history" or something like that. Josh is super rad and very creative. He charges, but he says he's over the salt. He's got the " Chlorine Dreams".. Wilbur Poolmeyer!

Bro-Team Ambassador

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Mike Delaney

"Big Mike" Delaney is an epoxy surfboard master! If you ride a Mayhem epoxy there is a good chance he put the "pop" in it! He is also one if the owners of Pure Glass Surfboard Manufacturing. Stop by Pure Glass in beautiful Costa Mesa for all your surfboard needs. Tell them Country Club Surf Club sent ya!!

Thank you for all the killer boards Mike! Can't wait to make another batch!! Oh yeah, still need to get him a hat..


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Ryan Etherton

Life long "Bro" and huge supporter of Country Club Surf Club. Ryan is the funniest and frothiest dude. When the pools open up in Arizona, look out! Also if you ever need Xmas lights hung, Slaps is the master!

Yeah Bro-Team Legend

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Jim Shubin




This dude is the best. Non stop prankster, be careful when you are in the locker room with him! Don't look at his towel! Always on it for a surf and can't say "no" to slices and a pitcher.

If you are into mezcal, check out his new venture,

Dos Boots Mezcal.

Funny Bro

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Otis Stevens

Otis is a long time legend behind the lens dating back to the 80's on the North Shore of Oahu. Fast forward to now, he is one of the resident photographers at BSR Surf Resort. Not only does he capture amazing 

photos, he out "barrels" anyone at BSR on a softop!

Super Tubed Bro

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Jacob Williams

One of the newer additions to the "Bro-Team" is Jacob Williams. Honestly, Rob Henson posted a sequence of Jacob pulling his first backside 3 at Waco a month or two ago with the caption, "someone sponsor this guy"! So we hit up Jacob and he said he'd be stoked to be on the "Bro-Team"! We are stoked to watch Jacob and all the boys in Waco keep pushing and progressing their skills! Right on Jacob!

New Guy Bro-Team

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